Sanaavay PC – Mercury I

From ₹30,000

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Intel Core I5 12400
18,91424,875 24% off
Primary Storage (OS)
EVM 512GB M 2 NVMe SSD 8
intel stock cooler
1 × Intel Stock Cooler
Operating System
Windows 11 Pro OEM Version
1 × Windows 11 Pro Genuine (Windows 10 Upgraded)
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**Note: For optimal experience, all scores displayed are factoring in the highest in-game graphics settings enabled and ray tracing disabled.

Disclaimer: Benchmarks of Frames Per Second (FPS) are estimations based on system configurations. Data is provided by 3DMark directly and not Sanaavay. Actual performance may vary.

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71 Reviews For This Product

  1. 71

    by Rahul Sa (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best cpu home use for my family

  2. 71

    by Daksha RK (Verified Buyer ✅)

    I Ordered i5 11th Gen pair with rtx 3060ti and 16gb ram.
    Some of what I’ve been running: Halo: Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Gears 5, Valheilm. I have not seen the FPS dip below 60fps. Halo and Forza are mix of high / ultra settings, but I imagine that is an optimization issue.
    Well protected in the box (I appreciate the packing foam in the case itself). clean cable management
    Idle GPU temp right now is 27 Celsius
    Simple set up, had it up and running in about half an hour (the majority of the time was waiting for downloads and boot up, but it is very simple). I did not have the Windows issue that others have reported.
    Runs very well and is extremely fast
    GPU temp has yet to go above 65 Celsius on anything I play

  3. 71

    by Upadhyay G (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best ever gaming cpu I love my india bestest amazing osm good fantastic historic really love I love my india

  4. 71

    by Shahrukh Hasan (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best Best Best

  5. 71

    by Shafiuddin Kk (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Better Experience in this price, budget friendly and working flawlessly 🙂

  6. 71

    by Gandhimathi G (Verified Buyer ✅)

    boot up is so quick…

  7. 71

    by Amama Mm (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Good response from the support.

  8. 71

    by Samuel P (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best product with best quality exactly as described. A must buy product…

  9. 71

    by Jeevitha M (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Awesome performance,I have bought new one. Excellent product by asus. Everyone should buy this . Thanks sanaavay for this wonderful product.

  10. 71

    by Mukund S (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best value for money. Go for it. I think this is the best thing to get in this price range.

  11. 71

    by Kartik U (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Awesome cpu.Value for money. Everything runs smoothly.A very good cpu.Must buy cpu.

  12. 71

    by Chitrakala R (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best part is Sanaavay pre built pc has turn out be professional and a trusted brand…

  13. 71

    by Kamal Sahu (Verified Buyer ✅)

    I’m caught 🙂 Find my love and will never buy in any other shop.

  14. 71

    by Jyotirmoy Ps (Verified Buyer ✅)

    By far the best item on the market, you will not be disappointed.

  15. 71

    by Debasis Ms (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best product at Nominal cost

  16. 71

    by Rathin R (Verified Buyer ✅)

    All are good….

  17. 71

    by Vishak S (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Product is exactly as in description and all materials are brand new and tested unlike others available online.

  18. 71

    by Manu K (Verified Buyer ✅)

    A value for money compact setup. service is also cooperative and addresses your concerns.

  19. 71

    by Harsh S (Verified Buyer ✅)

    boots up very fast due to ssd

  20. 71

    by Srinivasan Sr (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best in price

  21. 71

    by Hardik Prajapati (Verified Buyer ✅)

    All good

  22. 71

    by Arvind Rs (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best gaming pc under Budget same as description

  23. 71

    by Khushal Dhumane (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Everybody skips this, but it’s actually a good item, I’ll remove 1 star for the customer support

  24. 71

    by Lalbiaksanga Sailo (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best value for money. Go for it. I think this is the best thing to get in this price range.

  25. 71

    by Jaya Chandravarma (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Good product and seller is committed and trustworthy. One can confidently purchase with peace of mind.

  26. 71

    by Gandlur Dr (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best pc available given the price and the specifications. Genuine website. Satisfied with the product. Specifications are as mentioned in the ad. So far PC runs smoothly

  27. 71

    by Mona Shaw (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Again I am very surprised & happy to u & ur team sir. For ur online service support.

  28. 71

    by Chauhan K (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Great item. Easy to use and really clean. Worked perfectly!

  29. 71

    by Pravin Bajad (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Not bad, but the service does not meet my expectations.

  30. 71

    by Manisha R (Verified Buyer ✅)

    As described, came with a sturdy efficient packaging, compact design and performance is great for windows 64 bit

  31. 71

    by Jyoti Mohanty (Verified Buyer ✅)

    boot up is so quick…

  32. 71

    by Rajeshwari S (Verified Buyer ✅)

    A bit noisy fan inside the cabinet. But other features are excellent

  33. 71

    by Muralidharan N (Verified Buyer ✅)

    At Low price best product.

  34. 71

    by Manil Kumar (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Amazing speed works like charm. The processor is quite capable to perform day to day task. best for gaming

  35. 71

    by Anurag Bhatnagar (Verified Buyer ✅)

    As per my observation all the reviews are written by the seller himself. N e wy l liked Ur product

  36. 71

    by Chitrajit M (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Better Experience in this price, budget friendly and working flawlessly 🙂

  37. 71

    by Mayank M (Verified Buyer ✅)

    All ok. Good product

  38. 71

    by Sunil S (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best At This Price Range and Worth it.

  39. 71

    by Tanveer Sheikh (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Argb cabinet is an highlight. It produces no noice and product quality is also nice… Price is comparatively more when we build offline but it is worth it…

  40. 71

    by Naik Rr (Verified Buyer ✅)

    boot up is so quick…

  41. 71

    by Lavanya G (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Not the best thing, but worth the money

  42. 71

    by Ishant M (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best and reasonable. Customer support is good.Value for money

  43. 71

    by Kishan S (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best for work and little gaming

  44. 71

    by Ashish R (Verified Buyer ✅)

    All things are good

  45. 71

    by Chakravarthi R (Verified Buyer ✅)

    awesome desktop from sanaavay

  46. 71

    by Tushar K (Verified Buyer ✅)

    This is the coolest thing I’ve found on here! Will keep using your products in the future!

  47. 71

    by Ayan Shaikh (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best in the world

  48. 71

    by Abhi Ks (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Been only a week that I have been using the product. It’s running smoothly and fast as expected of any new product.

  49. 71

    by Surender Kumar (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Actually I got this for a very good price and the second thing is I really like the safe packaging of it.

  50. 71

    by Devins Barman (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Awesome product in for middle class people.superb performance.only you have to buy monitor.its size is also small and able to fit anywhere

  51. 71

    by Ruidas R (Verified Buyer ✅)

    specifications bought the product and found it as described

  52. 71

    by Parvez Khan (Verified Buyer ✅)

    sanaavay product is always the best in the world….what a quick delivery and 100 % quality of the product

  53. 71

    by Aditya Vijay (Verified Buyer ✅)

    All I want to say is sanaavay knows what they are doing. Very well assembled systems. All the components used are really good.

  54. 71

    by Jayaprakash R (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Great item! It provides too many things compared to its price charged.

  55. 71

    by Hridayesh Narayan (Verified Buyer ✅)

    I used it for office work perfect PC, awesome product, one small suggestion if you guys can provide microsoft office with some extra cost, it would be great…

  56. 71

    by Shlok G (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best Product and very helpful customer service

  57. 71

    by Shahid Sayyed (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Amazing for valuable money. It’s goods for gaming and presentation. I am so happy to get this product.

  58. 71

    by Kalpana S (Verified Buyer ✅)

    I rarely leave a comment, but this item is beyond worth it! Gotta let you guys know!

  59. 71

    by Vijay S (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best pc in this prize.Exlent work

  60. 71

    by Deepshika D (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Add a SSD, and more RAM. And you are good to go. Not a gaming system, but a great general purpose PC

  61. 71

    by Thara Devi M (Verified Buyer ✅)

    All good! Working smooth!

  62. 71

    by Chitara R (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best deal by sanaavay No issue with this pc till now thank you sanaavay.

  63. 71

    by Karthikeyan K (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Also comes with Windows 11 Pro and Microsoft Office preinstalled. You can add 1tb hdd as well to make it more storage

  64. 71

    by Arvind P (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Bought for my office this was the 2nd one.

  65. 71

    by Vinayak P (Verified Buyer ✅)

    best pc under 45000

  66. 71

    by Akash D (Verified Buyer ✅)

    6 months use after a working fine product. best ever

  67. 71

    by Abirami S (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Amazingly fast, neatly packaged, beautiful performance

  68. 71

    by Nivedita Mallick (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best product at Nominal cost

  69. 71

    by Aswin S (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Just use UBUNTU instead of windows it will work awesome

  70. 71

    by Tulsi Mani (Verified Buyer ✅)

    Best product with best quality exactly as described. A must buy product…

  71. 71

    by Patel Rj (Verified Buyer ✅)

    As described all specs are matching and it’s working superb as my client machine

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RTX 3090 Ti 850W 1000W 1000W
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